Who knew there’s a skanky Spar in skanky Boksburg?

When I received an invitation from friends to dinner club  at 33 High Street, Modderfontein, I assumed they simply didn’t know the name of the restaurant or they had plans to lure us into some dark corner of the world and harvest our organs to sell on the black market. Either way, it was their turn to choose the venue so who was I to argue.

With just hours to spare before meeting my fate, I googled 33 High Street, Modderfontein and was pleasantly surprised (and somewhat relieved) to see that, that is in fact the name of the restaurant – 33 High Street. I scanned the menu online, checked out directions on street view on Google maps and prepared myself for a decent meal with pretty good friends.

I wasn’t disappointed.

It was an effortless evening. Effortless is good in order to make a distinctive transition from a long, hectic week into the weekend. The food was good and the company pleasant and comfortable. You know you’ve chosen your friends well when you go on chatting long after the bill’s been paid (and your bum’s gone numb). We discussed everything from irritating colleagues, crazy things we’ve done in our youth and how to make peace with the fact that, when you are single and childless, your married friends who are new moms will never be the same again.  Or, as it was pointed out, you just find new friends. I also discovered that there is a ‘skanky ‘ Spar in a skanky part of Boksburg.  Who knew?



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