Here lies old lazy bones

If no one has yet died of laziness, then this past Friday I came dangerously close to having the dubious honour of being the first. Now while I have hopes of expiring of a more noble cause, I was prepared to take the risk in order to keep a promise I’d made myself.  This extra long weekend was well overdue and I’d been looking forward to it like a child looks forward to Christmas, marking off the days and anticipating what my present would be, except I already knew what I was getting ~ FREEDOM! I’d decided that I’d take at least one day to do absolutely nothing. And absolutely nothing, I did ~ except of course the very necessary, like tending to personal hygiene, throwing out the container of my Woolies chicken satay hotpot microwave meal and washing the fork that I used to eat it with. I threw some washing in the machine and took the broom for a tour over the floors ~ very gently so as not to use up too much energy because I had to save my strength to build my mega city on SC4 (in my armchair) watch some tv (on the couch) and making out with my new Galaxy tab (sometimes on the couch and sometimes in the armchair).

For the rest, I ventured out to Eastgate and shopped up a storm with a gift voucher from my boss, his wife and the family, after which I went over to Park Meadows and discovered Food Lover’s Market ~ which is simply heaven for someone like me, the Grande Dame of food lovers.  I was so overcome with joy at this remarkable establishment, I want to run through the store shouting ‘where have you been all my life’. The only thing that stopped me was that the store was madly busy and there was barely enough room to swing the trolley around and of course the fear of my joyful outburst being captured on CCTV and being posted on YouTube. I must use this opportunity to say that the staff at FLM are extremely friendly and helpful and that every single one of the many tills was manned and so the long, long queue moved very fast indeed.

Yesterday I met up with a friend at Killarney to see The Avengers, which was two and a half hours of great big, spectacular, adventurous fun. The effects were amazing and of course it was just so full of hotties ~ Robert Downey Jr being way up there on top of my list~ followed very closely by Samuel L Jackson looking very sexy in his (matrixish) long black leather coat and eye patch. These guys are all so good at what they do that they make heroes in iron suits flying throug the air and enormous green angry men taking on monsters 10 times their size, seem all perfectly normal. I LOVED it.

Today we are ending off the long weekend on a high note at The Michelangelo for high tea. I may very well dress up for the ocassion ~ by that I mean I’ll wear something other than jeans and flipflops. But until then I have a Galaxy to explore, after all, there is much more to it than Angry Birds, Words with Friends and DrawSomething 🙂


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