So tell me, what family’s not dysfunctional?

I could feel the words ‘small things and small minds’  merge into a sentence as they started rolling towards the tip of my tongue while my boss was demonstratimg some gimicky thing to me this afternoon. With all my might I forced them back down into my throat as visions formed in my mind’s eye of an unemployed me and the cat I recently inherited, sitting in rags on the side of the road begging for chocolate. I bit down hard on my tongue and felt the words dissolve letter by career~limiting~letter. But it was in vain. I knew by his disappointed expression that there was that look on my face that said, loudly and harshly, ‘Really?’

Before you criticise me for this cruel behaviour, allow me please to put things into context. It was late on a Friday afternoon, the week had started badly when I was grounded with plague like symptoms (just indulge me here ~ I thought I was dying, ok) which barely improved as the week went on. With so much going on at work, I couldn’t take more than a day off and had to drag my weary self into work for most of the week. During the time I was at home, I had banging and clanging going on in the building’s laundromat above me as they fixed whatever was broken. Or broke whatever was fixed. At night I had to endure the shrill, high pitched screams of a childish neighbour. Friday had gotten off to an early and manic start with a delegation of foreign and local visitors and karma had no intention of letting things ease off as the day went on. To top it all off the boss decides we have to meet ‘just for ten minutes’. It was towards the end of the now hour long, ten minute meeting that the gimicky demo takes place.

It was also a very sad week for me as I said goodbye to my sister Wendy, who has gone to live England. My other sister, Linda, lives in Oz.

My sisters have always been such an enormous presence in my life. Being the youngest, I have always looked up to them, leaned on them, learnt and drawn strength from them. When I was young and our dysfunctional family had dysfunctional times (which was pretty much all the time) my sisters took care of me and as we grew up we became best friends.  They are both pretty awesome people. There’s no-one in the world like a sister and their absence leaves two great big voids here and that makes me sad. Nevertheless, as we sisters are so fond of saying ‘That’s life, now put your big girl panties on and deal with it!’

PS ~ the boss is pretty cool and so is the gimicky thing he tried to show me. The neighbours are still alive but I did finally keep my promise to report them to the owner of the flat and the laundromat hasn’t yet fallen onto my couch. Hold thumbs.


4 thoughts on “So tell me, what family’s not dysfunctional?

  1. So it was a pretty crap week and it is very sad about your sis so I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing weekend and that things will brighten up – like that prosperity cheque end of the month so u can go to London for a little visit 🙂

    P.s. just thinking now. what happened to the rocky road???

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