The awesomeness of living in Jo’burg

Since my last visit a few years ago, I’d forgotten about the magic of Soweto; of the captivating vibe and of the warmth and friendliness of her people.

I headed out there this morning hoping to get a few photos of the new Soweto Theatre.  On arrival, the gates were closed and four very serious looking security guards were manning it. I was quite sure that there is no way they were letting me in.  I gave a brief explanation of my intent to the man who came to my window and was getting ready to beg when he started walking away.  I couldn’t believe that I had driven around nearly an hour (it would have taken 20 minutes had I not got lost) for naught.  I was just about to reverse back onto the road when I saw the guard opening the gate and waving me into the grounds.  With a big smile on his face, he instructed me park next to the only other car in the parking lot and directed me to the main entrance.

I thought I’d get a few photos of the outside and be on my way but as I was walking towards the buildings I met up with a female employee who started telling me all about what’s on the programme for the next few months and then she invited me inside.  I asked very politely if I may take a photo and she happily said that I may and before I knew it she had asked one of the security guards to take me around.  What a treat!  I got to go backstage and into the theatre itself.  I tested one of the seats for comfort and gave it the thumbs up (while my guide was looking at me like I was a it mad).  I then had a private view of the dressing rooms before being escorted outside by my new friend.  It was so heartwarming how proud the staff are of their new theatre.


From Soweto I headed to Rosebank and met up with some friends for lunch at Piza e Vino where I had a very delicious chicken and mushroom pasta dish.  Later we walked around the flea market which I have not been to for about four years.  I was surprised that nothing changes there.  There are still exactly the same stalls in the same places which tells me that trade must be good there. The market has everything from African crafts to antiques and has a very festive atmosphere.  It was a good way to end off a perfectly beautiful, sunny autumn day on the Highveld.  It reminded me how much I love my awesome city!


For more information on the Soweto Theatre go to


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