Sounds of Saturday

It’s around  6am on Saturday, I can barely hear the muffled voices of some poor souls in the dark, cold street 16 floors below. The lift motor upstairs growls softly, sending the night guard on his way home or bringing all night party goers in. The cat gives an irritated meow as I try to reclaim a piece of the bed. The patio door is rattled by the angry wind.

By 830am the streets have come alive with the sound of cars, buses, taxis, pedestrians and the high pitched whistles of the garbage collectors. The rain is knocking on the windows and I’m listening to BBC Click’s Spencer Kelly give his thoughts on Microsoft’s Surface.

The rain coming down on the city.

















By 10 I’m at Neighbourgood’s Market to buy some tasty treats for tea with my family tomorrow. There is a hum of happy voices. A young man who looks like he hasn’t brushed his hair for a year, blocks my way as he shouts to his friends that he’s off to look for beer. This is met with jeers and cheers and raucous laughter. I’m on a mission to find the cupcake lady and no man and his head of red restless hair is getting in my way.

Mission unaccomplished, but armed with savoury pies and sweet tarts, I stop at DoubleShot on the corner of Melle and Juta for a coffee to go. The espresso machine hisses and breathes life into a magnificent cappuccino. A pair of love birds whisper sweet nothings in the corner, the friendly staff make small talk and we all share a laugh. A car guard outside shouts out angrily at a moving car.

A cappuccino comes to life at DoubleShot Braamfontein. – A word of advice is you’re visiting Neighbourgoods on a cold day – avoid the long queue in the market at the only coffee stall – grab your fix at one of the coffee shops in the same block before going upstairs – you’ll save yourself a long wait.


















I’m walking to my car and I hear a soft voice behind me ‘Sorry ma’am, can you please help me…’ The change I give clinks down into the palm of a skinny, sketch of a woman. I mutter to myself when I realise that I didnt keep any change for the car guard. Fearful of being a victim of his verbal abuse, I apologise and explain to him what happened and surprisingly he gives me a toothless smile and tells me I can give it to him next time.

It’s lunchtime at Adega in Bedfordview, I’m catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a while. A lot of laughing and chattering. We shriek like school girls when one of our party confesses to going out on a blind date last week. More cheerful banter and a bit of reminiscing, an aaaah and condolences when someone gets a text about the death of the father of a friend.

In the Adega car park, the security guard waxes lyrical in a deep, West African accent – something about winter being winter and ‘ders nutting we candoboutit’. We wish each other well and warm and I’m on my way again – 702’s Solid Gold Saturday playing on the radio, and me singing along.

The skies have cleared and I’m on Constitution Hill, getting a photo of the sun going down, and I stop for a minute to hear the sounds of my city.

The sun going down on the city – taken from Constitution Hill

35 thoughts on “Sounds of Saturday

  1. Good morning! Thank you for stopping by my blog! How the heck did you find me?! >:-D

    I can tell that you love where you live just from the photos!


    1. Hey Laurel. So lovely to get a note from you. Yes, I love my city and country very much. Not even sure how I came across your blog but found it very interesting. Warme wishes. Jacquie

      1. Well, thank you for that! Um, we really need that “follow by email” thingie, Jacquie! >:-D

        (My blog was much more fun/interesting before I got sick in February! Lots of lovely people hangin’ out!)

  2. Nice to keep adding layers to my perspective of Joburg from my visit in February. South Africa got under my skin a bit, and I’m looking forward to the next visit. And interesting to see the winter sky and think of being on opposite seasons as we enter another 90+ degree heat wave this weekend up in Boston.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog … it appears you must have found me (possibly) through a link on Genie’s blog. I’m always delighted to find someone from a country that is new to me. Loved the photography, especially the rain, and the sunset. Gorgeous.

    Look forward to getting to know more about you as I follow your blog. Smiles!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m delighted to get to know you … I enjoyed what I read very much, your descriptions, your photos. I’m about to click your follow button. I’m so glad you stopped by, so I could ‘find’ you!

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for coming on over and taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve yet to try an iPhone or iPad (still a bit pricey here inSA). The only iThing I own is an iPod shuffle which was a gift but I do like to keep up to date – at a sort of superficial level – in anticipation of the day I trade my Samsung Galaxy tab for an iPad – or just so that I am not completely clueless when the topic comes up at dinner parties 🙂 I am a new e-reader convert and loving it.

  5. “…no man and his head of red restless hair is getting in my way.” I enjoyed your style of writing and that line made me smile. Thank you.

  6. Hey Jacquie. What a well written post. I found it very engaging. Good job on helping out that “skinny sketch of a woman.” You never know- you may have had an encounter with an angel. I’m honored that you’re following me and will be looking forward to your comments.. I’ll be watching for your posts as well. Hugs from here.

  7. Thank you for the visit.
    A lovely description of your city but I guess I will stick to the smaller places.
    Unless it is Cape Town.
    Hell, I miss my beach.

  8. Just stopped by to swap howdies with you and say thanks so much for the “Like” on my Purple posting. You write the way I’d like to be able to – which was one reason I started blogging in the first place! 🙂 Lord willing I’ll get there, but for now I’ll just enjoy reading other people’s good writing.

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