So it’s not all about me?!

I asked the cat earlier which of the blogs I follow is her favourite.  She looked back at me lazily and muttered something about the fact that I don’t follow any cat blogs. I’m almost sure I heard the words ‘stupid dog person’ hiss between clenched teeth. I asked if it counted that I follow a few cat lovers’ blogs.  Silence! So I took that as a no.

When I started blogging, just under 3 months ago, I thought the idea was to write something and then wait for someone to read what I had written. Basically, I thought it was just about me. That was, until I read a tip one day that advised that in order to be a good blogger, one must read other blogs. And lots of them.

The first blog I started following, besides my good friend teedeevee, was ShutterbugSage and each day I looked forward to seeing the daily posts of spectacular photos of an American mom and career woman.  Since then I hooked up with a number of photo bloggers, some dogs and dogs and their owners. I have been enjoying following the activities and crafts of retirees and grans; catching up with the journey of a devoted husband and dad who includes gorgeous pictures of his island home;  the experiences of a young man who has recently converted The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; the beautiful poetry of a man just passin’ through; the useful tips of an iPad and iPhone fan; the trials and joys of a man half a world away who is mentoring a student here in South Africa; and one of my favourites – the philosophies of a wise Jewish man.

I also follow, with great interest and admiration, the stories of people who are picking up pieces of their shattered lives and trying to build something better out of, or despite, their tragic pasts; a woman’s constant battle with falling in and out of the deep, dark, abyss of depression; another woman’s recovery and brave come back from a dreadful disease.

These are just a few of the many blogs I follow, some of which make me me laugh out loud, some make me cry and others give me food for thought and introspection and give me a better understanding of human nature. I had it all wrong – the blogging experience isn’t about writing. It is – thanks to the generosity and effort of all different types of people from all over the world – about learning and being a part of their thoughts and feelings, pain, fears, insecurities, joys, excitement, accomplishments, passions, hopes and dreams. I feel privileged and grateful to be part of this community.

Now I’d better go find a cat blog or two because someone’s not talking to me.


14 thoughts on “So it’s not all about me?!

  1. I’m so delighted to be in your circle of blogs/friends. I love the way you added your cat into your blog post today …. I sneakily placed my dog into my blog post today, as well! : )

  2. Here are a couple of cat blogs–
    –this one your kitty may appreciate because of cattitude:–he lives in Hawail.
    –a rescued kitty plus his pals:–lives in Wisconsin.
    ––they live in Montenegro.

    Enjoy! I certainly do! Usyaka is especially wonderful. So many of us have been captivated by her and the photos her monkey-girl takes of her.

  3. Hello there, so nice to find someone also in Joburg. I seem to be connecting to everyone, all over the world except for here at home. PS – maybe your cat would like our site, which covers both cats and dogs (and all animals in between, really). Anyway, I am always so chuffed (found out recently the American’s do not know that word) when I find people who can see the good and the beauty in Johannesburg. Thanks for a great site.

    1. Hey, I knOw, isn’t it great to find bloggers in our neck of the woods! I’ll show the cat your blog when I get home. I’m sure she’ll love it. Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

  4. You have captured my experience of the blog world so well My only problem is that i sometimes spend so much time reading and browsing other blogs that I don’t have time for other things like oh…work, eating, sleeping…haha. I am enjoying browsing your blog and getting a sense of life in South Africa. Thank you for sharing.

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