Sometimes, on a Sunday

Sometimes, on a Sunday, I have chocolate for breakfast.  But not today.  Instead I had marshmallow fish with a cup of coffee as I peered over the balcony at a film crew that had taken over the building for a shoot. They like doing that in my neighbourhood.  They move in like an army with the attitude that they are about to save the world. They’re a big, bloody nuisance most of the time but today I didn’t care.  I decided that lack of access to an exit, was a reasonable excuse not to have to go out anywhere and I wondered why one needs an excuse to stay home?

Sunday breakfast

Anyway, the cat was delighted and intrigued at all the goings on and spent the morning peering out the window at the crew’s reflection in the windows of the office block next door.

Reflection of film crew in the rooftop garden

In between a mini spring clean that I had got involved in, Sipho, the man who washes my car on Sundays, came in to put his washing in the machine and make himself some coffee.  It’s been his routine every Sunday for the past ten years.  My car certainly doesn’t need washing every week but he has no other job and while he’s in the building some of the other tenants get him to do an odd job here and there.  We had another very long debate about why I don’t think he should spend the little money he has going to a witch doctor to cure his brother’s mental illness. I know I will never win the argument with him and so I have just had to accept and respect his beliefs.

Savannah peering through the curtains down at the garden

Around lunch time, my mom popped over with some thai green curry she’d cooked up and we chatted about this and that before she trotted off to do whatever it is she keeps herself so busy doing.  The cat was looking very disappointed that the film crew had packed up and gone so I felt obliged to spend a bit of time with her playing cat and mouse (on a string).

I then had the luxury of lying on the couch reading and half watching the women’s marathon at the London Olympics before getting up to go and experiment with a new app recommended to me by a friend(ly) blogger.

It had been a frustrating and extremely demanding week work wise and an at-home day did me good.  Sometimes on a Sunday we don’t need an excuse not to go out and be busy but rather to rest the soul and recharge the batteries.


35 thoughts on “Sometimes, on a Sunday

  1. Just reading this post was a restful experience in itself. It felt calm and at peace. You sound like a person who is at peace with yourself and your surroundings. By the way, those marshmallow fish have always been a treat for me. Sometimes I think it’s got something to do with childhood memories or my pottie training or something. I’ve just always loved them. Really enjoyed your post. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Don. You’ve reminded how much of a treat they were for me too. When I was young my mom would give me a little extra change when I went to the public swimming pool and the first thing I would buy is the marshmallow fish. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. What a lovely day …. your description was so nice and relaxing. Sorry your work week has been so demanding. I’m glad you could have a do-nothing Sunday. It’s important for your overall well-being to have a day like that every once in a while. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a marshmallow fish. Actually, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of that treat. hmm… I’ll have to look around. :).

  3. Chocolate for breakfast?! Yes, please 🙂 Isn’t it funny how people won’t accept wanting to have a day at home as a valid reason for not wanting to accept an invitation to go out?

  4. We have never seen marshmallow fish nor have we had chocolate for breakfast. 🙂 Those pictures are great. The one with the reflections and the one with the kitty standing playing are terrific. Have a great week. Hugs

  5. Okay, that’s the cutest mashmellow I have seen and I don’t eat mashmellows but that’s so cute. We don’t have fish mashmellow here or else I will start eating them because they are cute. We got the usual kind. Anyway, I really like chocolates and cats/dogs so I just subscribed because I think I will enjoy reading you.Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Nothing quite that exciting I’m afraid. Some said it was for a tv ad and someone else told me it was for a scene for one of our local soapies – I never actually found out which. You have interesting and exciting way of making a living 🙂 Thank you for dropping by and reading my post.

  6. Sir Harry Lauder (circa late 1800s?) sang a song, “Oh it’s very nice, yes it’s very, very nice to get your breakfast in your bed on Sunday morning.” My Dad used to sing it on Sunday mornings – maybe with the wish that my Mother would catch on…. Great post!

  7. I loved hearing about your restful Sunday. Sounds like it’s just what you needed after a week of work. Well done.

    The photos helped give us a glimpse of your private world. I’m a nosy enough sort of person that I love hearing how others spend their days off. Thanks for sharing!

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