Trendy is as trendy does

Sometimes ‘trendy’ irritates me.  Trendy places and trendy people can be pretentious – like they’re trying too hard to be cool.  Fortunately, Market on Main is a down to earth and fun enough kind of  trendy to make it enjoyable.

It is a more spacious and comfortable replica of Neighbourgoods in Braamfontein.  In fact, there are quite a few of the same vendors there, but it feels bigger and I love the courtyard where you can sit under the trees and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast and a good coffee.

Rooftop restaurant at Market on Main

Some of the crafty stuff was cute, and the clothing lines a bit along those irritating trendy lines that I referred to and as far as my personal taste goes, the art is just horrible – it lacks oomph and inspiration – the studios cold and lifeless.

There are so many different types of food from all four corners of the earth and it makes you want to go back just so that you can try something else and you definitely cannot leave without a few different tastys to try at home.

Cakes and desserts at Market on Main

I love how these little pockets of the inner city are being given a new lease on life.  It uplifts the community and encourages small (and even one man) businesses to take off. So, in this instance, trendy is good for me.

Argentinian food stall at the entrance to Market on Main




21 thoughts on “Trendy is as trendy does

  1. Yes, strengthening a neighborhood is delightful–homogenizing it is not. Mmmm…I can smell that bread.

      1. It certainly looks like it… going two weekends from now to the Getaway show at the Coke cola dome, could just take a detour from there…

  2. Dunno why, but I still want to know more about that antique car on the rooftop. When I was growing up, we had drinve-in neighborhood restaurants where you’d park your car under an awning, place an order on a two-way hand-held speaker set, and a waitress would come running out with your trays of food, which would then hang on the side of the car.
    But this photo takes it to a whole new level. What’s the story?

    1. You have just brougt back some wondefful memories about a drive in restaurant we used to go to, except we did’t have the radios. I’m not sure what’s with the car on the roof – a trendy thing I think 🙂

  3. The comment about the drive-in restaurant just reminded me that I have a Netflix disk to watch — American Graffiti! … Wolfman Jack, early rock ‘n’ roll, burgers and malts at the drive-in, cruisin’ in big 60s cars on a summer night… a timeless classic!

  4. Haluuu, thanks for your like on my free spirit post! It was my first time participating in the weekly challenge. Those desserts look so good i am officially getting up right now to eat something sweet. So thank you on two accounts! hahah =p

    1. It’s such a fun challenge and at the very least it gets me to blog at least once a week. I’m so happy that I can inspire – even if it is only to get people to eat yummy treats.

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