Weekly photo challenge : Merge

I don’t know exactly what ‘merge’ means in terms of this photo challenge.  If it is strictly a visual merge then I am way off the mark but I figure no-one really cares.  I can’t do all that fancy shmancy photoshop stuff so I am posting a photo of a social merge – it cuts across the social barrier on so many levels and I think it’s fun – besides that, it is a good excuse to post one of my favourite photos. Taken in Grahamstown when we came across this homeless man, who took a shine to my mom and wanted to be in a photo with her.

Mom and homeless man in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : Merge

  1. I like your interpretation of merge… and that is a typical South African photo that will never reach the international news papers… God forbid… I love it, puts a good smile on my face…

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