We’re cool like that

Like most families, ours is not without its weird, wonderful, whacky and, sometimes I-need-sedatives-or-alcohol (preferably together and in large doses) moments.  We have all sorts of craziness, of varying degrees, in our genes, with lists of issues longer than Zimbabwe’s fake voters roll. Collectively and individually, we’re horribly, just short of murderously,imperfect. Attempted murder cannot be ruled out but I understand that was the doings of a step-grandparent so technically, I guess/hope that doesn’t count.

All that said, we are also amazingly cool. 

I’m not going to bore you with the detail around how this occurred to me today because it was somewhat insignificant in the big old bad world scheme of things, but significant enough to remind me how, when we have to, we just put our heads down, join hands and get things done.

I think we girls get that from our mother. It is true that she experienced wobbly moments – or decades – and if you understand her childhood and struggles through life, it is easier to forgive her those, especially given that there was no Oprah when she was growing up.  If there is one thing she taught us well, it was independence (she may have done too much of a good job on that with me). I don’t think she deliberately meant for us to learn how to stand on our own two feet, we just kind of picked it up along the way. While our dad was off busying himself with the Rhodesian bush war, or off doing other things which men of that generation did just because that’s the way they did things then, our mother was keeping things together, getting things done. She was remarkably capable and deceptively strong.

I’ve been a little scarce here on WordPress for the last couple of weeks. That is because my sister and teenage niece are out here from Australia for a visit and I am making the most of every moment that they are here. We’ve been out seeeing a lot of things and, if I survive the hectic pace, I’m looking forward to sharing much of that here soon, so watch this space.


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