‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields

There is really nothing like spending the afternoon in the country with a good friend to forget your worries and woes.

A long, lazy chat under the voluptuous, and rather ancient, trees in the gardens of Die Ou Pastorie ,out Magaliesburg way, and a very delicious buffet lunch thrown into the mix, was exactly what the doctor (should have) ordered.

I have eaten at restaurants on 5 continents, and I can honestly say that I have never had a meal that good.  It was like good old fashioned home cooking that mama would have made, just a little bit better (sorry mama) –  in other words, it was 5 star comfort food.

Lonely lily on the pond in the gardens of Die Ou Pastorie

After lunch we took a walk around the grounds and then headed off to do some strawberry picking.  In the absence of  strawberries to pick, we did a whole lot of laughing – and trekking through the soggy fields before heading home to the city.

The front of one of the rooms in the B&B section of Die Ou Pastorie

The visit to the farm reminded me of the Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever so I Googled the lyrics and included a verse below.  I have tried to very hard to imagine if there is some deep, philosophical meaning hidden in between the rather strange lines but I have come up blank.  If you see it, do let me know.

No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low.
That is you can’t you know tune in but it’s all right, that is I think it’s not too bad.
Let me take you down, ‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout.
Strawberry Fields forever.

Strawberry field at Tangaroa Strawberry Farm

16 thoughts on “‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields

  1. You were right, this song is before my time. So I googled the meaning to the lyrics and while people have many interesting interpretations of the song from sexual meanings to an orphanage in Liverpool, a strain of weed, I agree with one person who said: “Take a good dose of LSD and listen to this and all will become clear.”

    My only question is, Do people still take LSD?

    1. I was leaning toward the weed theory myself. As for the LSD, I think it went out with the hippies.

  2. The picture from the pond is so beautiful, Jacquie. I feel like I’m there and I could sit by that pond and meditate on that scene for hours. And it is wonderful to find a restaurant where you really love the food. When it comes to the song… that was from a period when they were involved in mysticism and learning eastern religion and philosophy. I think that what it’s saying is this. He feels a presence which he cannot actually see, but it isn’t that of another person (No one I think is in my tree). He believes that there are undertones or overtones that he can’t hear, but it is influencing him (must be high or low; can’t tune in). He’s suggesting that reality is relative, and that we shouldn’t get obsessive about what we ‘know’ is there (nothing to get hungabout)… but is choosing to find his happiness in what he can attain (Strawberry Fields). I hope that this explanation makes the song clearer to you.

  3. But of course this song is about LSD. It comes from the Beatles psychedelic period, where just about everything contained some veiled reference to dropping ‘cid. Like “I’d love to turn you on…” aka. drop acid with you. And don’t forget all the “I buried Paul” mentions in the background. And Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? C’mon… aint no woman in the firmament carrying actual diamonds. I did a paper on this to be honest. It was quite the time!

  4. Beautiful photos Jax. I can just imagine us lazing in them on a sunny afternoon – yakking away. Lunch sounds scrumptious!

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