Discovering hidden treasure

If you just happened to drive past Duncan Yard, in the previously-known-as-Duncan-but-which-is-now-known-as something-else-which-I-can’t-remember Street, you wouldn’t know about the magical little place that lies within its higgledy piggledy, wonky walls.

It is an outdoor maze of little passages, lined with exquisite little shops that sell all manner of interesting, beautiful and tasty things.  It was like discovering a little hidden treasure chest of delightful things.

We had lunch under the shady trees in the courtyard at Papas.  I had a rather enormous serving of nachos for mains and the most delicious chocolate brownies with ice cream for dessert.  It was all too yummy for words.


19 thoughts on “Discovering hidden treasure

  1. higgledy-piggledy is my favorite!

    next time, please take pictures of your yummy lunch! (good thing dinner is being cooked in the other room right now!)

  2. Looks beautiful Jax – wish you had discovered it before I left! There are so many diamonds in our back yards hey. Thanks for your wonderful photos and making it a journey for us.

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