The road to Askari

Feeling the need to get out into the fresh air, I woke up early(ish) this morning, punched in the address for Askari Game Lodge into Google maps on my Galaxy tab, hit navigation and headed off to Magaliesburg.

They’d advertised that they were having a Christmas market today.   I’m not really into the whole market thing but this one, being at a Big Five game lodge, had a certain appeal and it was a good excuse to get out into the countryside.  Not that one needs an excuse.

The market was nothing to write home about, although I did find a stall that had the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on in my life.  Unfortunately they didn’t have a card machine and the nearest ATM was probably a good 20km’s away, so I got their contact details and will definitely be getting myself a pair of those Aerosoft shoes.

The weather was perfect – sunny but not too hot and the drive was pleasant.  I popped into Goblin’s Cove on my way back.  It brought back some very happy memories of a time when my sister took me out that way for my 40th and our first stop was at Goblin’s Cove for breakfast.



24 thoughts on “The road to Askari

  1. Beautiful and very interesting pictures. And finding such comfortable shoes is wonderful. That should be enough to call the day a success.

      1. From what I can see, we all need a post about the SHOES! Pictures. Where to buy. Etc.

        Just occurred to me that SHOES would make a great weekly prompt, but there would be rules about where to buy! hahahahahahahah yes!

        Me too. Comfy shoes. Only.


  2. Wonderful collection of pictures! Looks like a lovely day. I think I’d love Goblin’s cove, and I am absolutely a Market person. I want to know more about those shoes!!

    1. Goblin’s Cove is magical. There’s a lot of Christmas markets going on now so I’ll take you along on to those too – virtually of course. As soon as I get a chance – the dealers are quite far from where I live – I’ll post some pics.

  3. You got me excited with Goblin’s Cove. A perfect place to feel like a kid all over again. Beautiful and fun pictures that celebrates life in the most mesmerizing way.

  4. I like your spontaneity. Comfortable shoes are awesome–I hope you’ll be able to get them. I especially liked the background scenery of the Christmas Market photo and the one of the house. I enjoyed your adventure along with you, Jacquie, even though I’m in a different hemisphere. It’s amazing what WP allows us to do.

  5. Beautiful and also touching. Every journey opens our hearts to new things that will change our lives for the better. Merry Christmas my friend. I wish you and your family all the love, happiness, peace, great health and many awesome adventures today and everyday.

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