Baptism by the sea

Earlier, I was sitting out on the balcony enjoying the cool evening breeze, when I heard beautiful, harmonious choral sounds coming from below. A small group of worshippers had gathered for a baptism in the tidal pool.  We got to enjoy their singing throughout the ceremony, until the sun went down.


11 thoughts on “Baptism by the sea

  1. I’ll bet it sounded beautiful. I don’t understand the first picture. Does that tunnel under the brick pathway? And that goes down to the water? The water looks cold!

    1. It did. It is a ramp that goes down from street level to the tidal pool. The whole setup in that section is very wheelchair friendly Even into the pool itself is a ramp so that those with physical disabilities can get in and out easily. It is also nice for elderly folk. The water has been averaging 21 – 23C which is cool but not unpleasant. The problem is when you come out into the wind!

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