Vaalies go home


Gauteng holiday makers are, not so affectionately, known at the coast as Vaalies (from the name of the inland province previously known as Transvaal).

You know when a Vaalie’s holiday is nearing its end when you see them filling up bottles with sea water for their domestic workers back home.   The water is consumed unfiltered in the belief that it cleanses the system.

The day before we left for the coast, Dora placed two empty 2 litre cold drink bottles by my half packed luggage as a reminder to bring her sea water back. So, on the last day of our holiday, I dutifully trotted off down to the beach to fill up.  With my head down and skirt flapping in the ferocious wind, exposing my (fortunately well covered by a swimsuit) bottom, I completed my task in a very un-lady like fashion. I noticed that the water was remarkably clear so, worried that Dora might suspect I cheated and filled the bottles with tap water and a little salt, I threw in a handful of sea sand for good measure.



8 thoughts on “Vaalies go home

  1. Aha! Now I understand why Mtuseni’s mom asked him to bring back a bottle of sea water from our trip to Cape Town! (which I ended up filling because my strapping young college boy was afraid of the big waves that day)

    To me there is nothing more spiritually cleansing and invigorating than a dive into ocean waters — though I don’t take it internally, except for the bracing brine of a cold oyster on the half shell!

    The low rollers on that beach look perfect for body surfing. I would love to be there right now. We are still getting hit by snow in the Northeast US…. another few inches expected on Monday! 😦

    1. The sea really does have a way of healing body and soul. I went into the water most days – especially the tidal pool and I understand why some people insist on taking a dip every day of the year.
      Hope it warms up for you soon 🙂

  2. you know, i thought you were doing such a wonderful thing, bringing back the water and ll. that is i did till i reached the end of the narrative: “so i threw in a handful of sea sand for good measure” remind me to never ask you to bring me a glass of perrier!!! tsk-tsk-tsk

    1. 🙂 Just so that you know, Dora was delighted with the handful of sand. She took some of the water to her Church last Sunday for some sort of cleansing ceremony and she too wanted to show the Pastor that it was really sea water.

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