Weekly photo challenge: Future tense

Aviary Photo_130086095021682990


13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Future tense

  1. Are you kidding me? You shot this? This is stunning. The girl looking directly into the camera, almost beseeching or challenging the viewer to keep her world together… the other girl pensively looking up towards an uncertain future … and the central pacifier-lollipop reminding us that these are still just babies. Perfect. You really should enter this in formal photo contests.

      1. Even the best art schools now all emphasize software in their photography programs, so the app isn’t cheating. The key to good photography is what’s captured in the frame itself, and only a person can do that. So… no credit to Aviary. 😉

  2. Beautiful. A vision of hope and light. Kids are the future. may we all work together to make sure they grow in love, faith, of happiness that comes from a heart that is pure and kind. So much pain in the world but it is never to late to find healing.

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