Hashtagging happiness

So there I was, bouncing around like a buoy, gasping and spluttering, my backside finding every sharp edge of the jagged rocks as the ferocious undercurrent threw me around and all I could think was that this could really ruin my great run of #100happydays

In case you don’t know, 100happydays is a 100 day challenge to look for something in each day that makes you happy, take a photo of it and post it on Twitter (my personal choice), Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or even here on your blog. Check it out here and give it a try.  Remember to include #100happydays in each post.

Anyway, back to my story … as I inhaled another litre of salty sea water through my nostrils, wondering if there was anything left of the bottom of my swimsuit that was being fiercely grazed on the rocks, a giant of a man yanked me up by my arm, pinching that soft skin on the underneath and muttered “Hey wena …”and some other stuff I didn’t understand  and probably wouldn’t want to either, and then he was gone.

I wish I’d got his picture for a happydays post, before he disappeared, for if not for him, I’d be around 86 short.

Here are a few of my first 14 days of hashtagging happiness.


10 thoughts on “Hashtagging happiness

  1. You Vaalies never learn! 😀 Glad “Hey wena” was there (even though he pinched your underarm skin – hate that), otherwise wena might not be participating in any more 100happydays.

  2. Love the 100 happy days concept. Might try it if my fingers thaw out. Here in the Northeast US we’re aiming for two days in a row above freezing. Not happening any time soon (which does NOT make me happy!) #WinterSucks

      1. Yes… @LD_Dad

        Thinking of doing the #100days. Just finished clearance sale shopping for Mtuseni. That makes me happy — even though the clothes aren’t for me. Then again, I did end up finding a pair of gray suede brogues I’ve been looking for for months — and on sale + a coupon! Sweet!

  3. I love your happy shots, Jacquie, and enjoyed hearing about the 100 day challenge! I’ll have to get more active on Twitter again and keep an eye for your happy hashtags over there.

  4. You take beautiful pictures. Great clarity! Great story about your backside getting skinned up! Glad you were rescued so you can continue the 100 Happy Days!

    1. 🙂 thank you. I give all the credit to the camera on my new phone – and a bit of help from one or two photo editing sites. Very nice of you to drop by and I look forward to following your posts.

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