Just Joburg: Immigrant communities of Mayfair

The Fordsburg /Mayfair area, situated at the periphery of the Johannesburg CBD has always been better known as a vibrant, thriving Muslim district – the home of the Oriental Plaza where you can find a great bargain and which has always been a favourite of mine when looking for curtaining or fabrics.

What most people don’t know is that just a few blocks west of the Plaza,  you encounter a lively, colourful, culturally diverse district which is home to immigrants from Egypt, Ethiopia, Turkey, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Tunisian shops in Mayfair. The blue exterior is apparently to keep evil away.
Tunisian shops in Mayfair. The blue exterior is apparently to keep evil away.
An Ethiopian corner store

The majority of residents were very friendly and mildly curious about our presence but some were quite obviously apprehensive and a couple asked why we were there.  This is possibly because many are illegal immigrants who have fled their countries due to war and famine and an intrusion of  ‘strangers’ with cameras into their neighbourhood may have felt a bit threatening.  The gentlemen in the above picture were happy for me to take a photo of their store – but not all were so obliging.

Our extremely knowledgeable and entertaining guide, Ishvara.
Our extremely knowledgeable and entertaining guide, Ishvara.

Ishvara, our tour guide yesterday, is very knowledgeable about the cultures, religions, neighbourhood and exotic cuisine.  I highly recommend the tour if you want to see the backstreets and shops and really want to experience a bit about the people who now call Mayfair ‘home’.

One stop you have to make if you’re in the area is the bakery at the corner of 9th Avenue and Hanover Street where they make the most scrumptious savouries and refreshing, sweet hibiscus juice.  I forgot to take a photo there because I was so occupied with eating and drinking.

The infusion of rich aromas of spices, incense and delicious food – and some less pleasant odours in certain parts; the vibrant colours and buzzing atmosphere made me feel like I had stepped into another world for the morning when, in fact, I was just a couple of kilometres from home.


6 thoughts on “Just Joburg: Immigrant communities of Mayfair

    1. It was awesome. I loved being able to explore the back streets and was amazed at this world that exists on my doorstep that I was not aware of. Thanks for linking me with Ishvara – what a fascinating man. Hope we’ll meet up at another tour.

  1. ARGH! When I see things like this, I just wish I could travel more…. I’d LOVE to experience all that you shared. But since I’ll probably never get there, 😦 , I thank you for sharing it, here.

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