People who inspire: Happiness Ndlovu


Her mother couldn’t have given her a better name. Despite the hardships and heartache she has endured, Happiness is always smiling and her enthusiasm for life bubbles over when she talks excitedly and hands out hugs to everyone she knows. When we met Happiness, she was a waitress at a small coffee shop, supporting herself and her teenage son on nothing but her tips. She was 35 at the time and when she heard about our community project she immediately signed up for the free computer courses which she passed with flying colours. Having proved to herself that she is capable of so much more, she embarked on putting herself through night school to get her matric certicate. Shortly after matriculating , Happiness was offered a position as an administrator at a large Sandton corporate where she is going from strength to strength. Her next goal is to do a business degree. Happiness’ message to other 30something single moms is that it is never too late to change your life through recognising opportunities and working hard.


One thought on “People who inspire: Happiness Ndlovu

  1. Thank you for sharing this heart-warming story, Jacquie. I agree that her name is so fitting. She is such a positive, friendly, HAPPY person. I hope she continues to fulfill all her dreams. she is so deserving.

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