People who inspire: Peter Mathebula


This is my colleague, Peter Mathebula.  He’s one of the techie guys who makes your techie woes disappear.  It’s a gift he has.  The other gift he has is the way he interacts and teaches learners at our pc training programme.

For the past five years, Peter has been giving up his time on Saturdays to empower people from disadvantaged communities with important PC skills.  He has a very special way with the kiddies that come to our programme, the majority of whom come from abusive homes and are now in places of safety.  These vulnerable children are absolutely crazy about this guy and follow him around all over.  He is also very popular with the adult learners who get great results in his classes. Needless to say, Peter provides very valuable technical support for the programme.

His personal journey to where is today is a moving and inspirational one and I hope that he will share it one day with all of you.

Peter teaching a kiddies class in 2014.  









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